The Production Staff

Production Staff of Singin' and Dancin' in the Rain.

Executive Producer/ Director

Rome Saladino
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Assistant Producer
Marina Saladino
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Musical Director
James J Webber, having just moved to the area, he has already connected with the theatre community. He is the Musical Director for the Conservatory productions at the Plaza Theatre in Manalapan, has been working with the Broward Prep school in providing them with their musical needs and is very pleased to be a part of this glorious production bursting with such a talented cast! Thank you to Rome and Marina for including me! Previously he owned his own production company for 30 years that produced full scale productions for a thousand seat dinner theater in Delaware and has written numerous off Broadway shows with friend and lyricist: Joyce Hill Stoner.

Michael Small, Rome Saladino, Marina Saladino

Sara Perry Greenberg, Rome Saladino, Marina Saladino

Marina Saladino
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Production Manager/Lighting Designer
Don Tolj

Artistic Advisor/Marketing
Julie Todaro

Rome and Marina Saladino
Craig and Sheri Swanson

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